About us


Welcome to Northbridge Technology

Northbridge Technology is a privately owned Lagos-based ICT company operating since March, 2008.We use true business consultative approach to determine clients’ requirements and architect innovative and synergistic IT solutions to meet clients’ needs.

We serve our clients by giving them value for money and thus client satisfaction.

Our comprehensive IT services and knowledgeable engineers help your business gain a competitive edge and flourish. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve your goals.

We are people who demonstrate integrity, respect, and team spirit.We build relationships based on doing the right thing exhibiting the courage to lead.we are positive people  as it is evident in the way we serve our clients by delivering technology that solves hard problems and engage with our communities.

One World, One Philosophy, One Family is the symbol of the company culture in NorthBridge Technology.


             Perfectly Positioned To Assist

Understanding IT and how to maximise its effectiveness takes specialist knowledge – however not all organisations have the technique to provide the necessary resource.We have assembled a team that includes some of the most talented IT and cloud-knowledgeable professionals in Lagos,Nigeria.

                        Responsibility – It’s Personal

Our personal approach sets us apart from the crowd. We build trust based on integrity and our unbiased consultative approach. To truly understand why we retain so many of our customers for so long just pick up the phone – we’d love to tell you more.


                        Take  the Long-Term View

The Long-Term View is usually the best and biggest view. We’re always thinking long-term and listening to our client’s current and future needs, like acquisition growth, office moves, new staff, increased orders, and so forth.

We encourage our employees to think long-term about what they will need in the future to augment and improve in order to “WOW” their clients, and to make concrete plans to get there.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

The IT industry has been plagued by a reputation of over promise and under delivery. This situation has been fuelled by the separation of sales/pre-sales and implementation teams. At Northbridge Technology there is no division – the team that assists with capturing the business requirements and scope, is the one that delivers the project, eliminating the usual “disconnect”. Whether a two-day engagement or a six-month project the process is the same, a full scope of work and terms of reference is created and agreed prior to the start of any activity. This approach helps us keep the promises we make…and creates customer relationships built on trust.

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